Clift Challenges

On-wall digital competitions that drive climbers to the next level.


How Clift Challenges work?

Clift Challenges are virtual competitions co-organized with our locations and partners. Participation for climbers is either free or set by the announcer. The aim of the Clift Challenge is for climbers to meet the challenge goals during the specified period and compete against each other in the leaderboard. Published Clift Challenges are available through the free to download iOS and Android Clift Climber app.


Challenge goals

Each Clift Challenge has unique goals set by the gym. Goals can be set for climbed distance, time or collected points.


Prizes and awards

Top 3 participants will be awarded with gears by the sponsor brand. All participants who reach the challenge goals can win additional prices and will be selected randomly.

Why is it good for you as a gym owner?

Challenges take place over a couple weeks or months, and will engage your existing climbers while growing a new audience. Challenges build awareness and loyalty for your gym that ultimately drive number of visitors.

But challenges are unique in that they motivate your climbers in a new way by inspiring them to do what they already love – setting a goal and smashing it – with your brand at the center.


Clift Challenges putting it top of mind for any athlete looking for a new goal.

Close Up Wall Climbing

Why is it good for you as a climber?

Clift Challenges are fun, community driven events that are open for everyone. You can follow yours and other climbers' progress through the challenge leaderboards. Besides the top three, all climbers who reach the challenge goals get the chance to win gear rewards and virtual badges by the sponsor brand.  


How to enter as a climber?

  1. Ask for a Clift Card at your gym or use your current one 

  2. Open the Clift Climber app

  3. Join a challenge from the challenges tab


Challenge Partners


Organize or sponsor Clift challenges?

Get in touch with our team and we will help you to get started.