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Clift improves your gym with hardware and software, working together as one.


Every Clift Interactive Wall runs the newest version of CliftOS, our custom-developed software. Thanks to over-the-air updates, CliftOS continuously improves, ensuring you always have the best climbing experience. We take a collaborative approach, actively gathering feedback from climbers, coaches, setters, and gym owners to shape future updates of CliftOS.


Fall 2024 - Revamped Clift App with Wall Controls

Based on valuable feedback from climbers and gym owners, we're excited to announce a fully revamped Clift App launching Fall 2024! Here's what you can expect:

  • Control the Wall from Your Phone: Login to the app and take command of Clift Interactive Walls directly.

  • Curated Climbing Experience: Browse a vast library of climbing routes, save your favorites, like routes you enjoy, and share your discoveries with the climbing community.

  • On-the-Go Route Creation: Unleash your creativity and set new routes wherever inspiration strikes, all within the convenience of the app.

Enhanced Compatibility:
The new app seamlessly integrates with all Clift Interactive Wall versions, leveraging the existing Bluetooth module built into the console for a smooth connection.


High Sensitive Touch Sensor Technology

Advanced touch sensing technology that is able to detect even the slightest touch or pressure on every equipped hold. Compatible with most holds, volumes and macros.

Modular & Scalable Hardware Layout

Clift Track and Interactive Wall hardwares are compatible with most holds, volumes, macros and wall types.

10" HD Durable Touchscreen

Easily accessible, built to be durable, runs the latest version of the CliftOS software. Installed on the front side of the wall, making it easy and accessible for every climber.

High Performance LED Based Routesetting

Our high performance LED lights are perfectly visible even in the brightest light. This system gives you an option to set any route you desire.


Multi Angle Data Visualization & Access

All tracked data is visualized real-time on both Clift Track and Interactive Wall dashboards, accessible from mobile or desktop views, anytime and anywhere.

Centralized Multi-Gym Network Management

Efficiency, consistency, and oversight across the entire gym network. Duplicate local best practices, routes and solutions across all locations.

Beta Mapping and Path Definition

Clift Sensors map the path of the climber’s movement and define a route based on the beta of the climb.

Task-Based Route Definition

Instead of LED route definition, Clift Interactive Walls offer task definition. Coaches can define exciting and fun games tailored to different age groups, providing a more engaging and interactive experience for climbers.

Digital Route Library

Saved layouts with the associated digital routes are saved to the cloud and the most popular ones can be reused anytime or following a full wall reset.

Auto Cloud System Backups

The digital route library, including all wall related information, is automatically saved to the cloud.


Clift Track
Clift Interactive Wall
Clift Climber Pro
Tracking Zone
Gym or Multi-gym
Versatile LED system compatible with all hold types
Bolt-on or screw-on holds, macros and volumes
Bolt-on or screw-on holds, macros and volumes
Clift Track or Clift Interactive Wall
Number of sensors
X2 per route + optional Zone sensor
Depending on wall size
+ Clift Climber app access
+ Clift Climber app access
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