Clift Bloc En Stock Strasbourg

A boulder climbing space for all. Bloc En Stock in Strasbourg has blocs for all levels of climbers, with a unique design, inspired by the famous Fontainebleau. Installed on the gym's 30 degree training spray sector, Clift Bloc En Stock gives your the best training experience, with boulders from 5a up to 7c+.

Available Clift System

Boulder spray wall

300 Sensors 

1 Console


1 Rue la Fayette, 67100 Strasbourg

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Opening Hours

Monday, Tuesday: 12 - 11pm

Wednesday: 2 - 11pm

Thursday, Friday: 12 - 11pm

Saturday: 2 - 8pm

Sunday: 10am - 8pm


Web: Bloc En Stock

Phone: +33 7 67 54 26 63

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