Clift BME Budapest

Applause for our first partner, BME, as they have given us the opportunity to pursue and realize our dreams. The Technical University of Budapest is the biggest technical university in Hungary, offering university climbing classes and open-gym options for students, families, and locals. They are deeply committed to seeking out new challenges and granting climbers an advanced set of various options.


In numbers, it’s a 183 m² climbing surface with approximately 1000 grips and footholds, placed on the climbing towers. You can also challenge yourself with 10+ meters heights, while exploring their Clift Climbing spray lead wall, equipped with 180 custom holds and located in the main area.

Available Clift Systems

x2 10m height lead walls 

180 Sensors 

2 Consoles 


Bertalan Lajos u. 4-6, 1111 Budapest, Hungary

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 8.00 - 20.00

Saturday: 15.00 - 21.00

Sunday: Closed