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The idea of Clift Climbing was born five years ago when Clift's co-founder Andras started climbing and became a fan of the sport.

Andras experienced that many climbing gyms fall behind in rebuilding their routes. Even when they do so, labels and other hold highlighting methods are usually hard to understand for climbers. Not to mention that rebuilding a wall section requires a professional routesetter team. Plus wall downtime costs a fortune for gyms.

“Andras experienced that many climbing gyms fall behind in rebuilding their routes regularly.”

These problems led him to the innovation of Clift, an Upgrade kit + Digital services for indoor climbing gyms. The upgrade kit fits perfectly with all types of climbing walls and solves the problems related to the renewal of walls.

The Clift enhances holds sets with:

  • Clift Sensors that measure climbers performance

  • Digital routesetting and games with LEDs

  • Climber App to analyze climbs

  • Web Admin for online maintenance

It may seem relevant today how the system should work, but it was not the case until 2019. Following up several interviews, testing, and ideations the MVP of Clift was introduced to the public in January of 2020 at the ISPO exhibition.

Visitors and climbers loved the introduction of Clift Climbing. Since its debut climbers are able to try Clift at two of our current gym partner locations.

Interested in trying Clift Climbing out in your gym?


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