Next Level Climbing Experience

Clift combines the tactility of climbing with the precision of technology, to help you make the most of your climbing walls.


Works with your
walls & holds

During the design process of Clift, our goal was to give existing gyms a future-proof solution that leverages the knowledge and creativity of local professionals.


No need for a new hold set

Clift can be easily fitted into existing hold sets. Sensors are installed on the back of the wall panels, using special hollow bolts, while the LED lights going through the holds illuminate the climbing routes.

Routesetters’ tip

When it comes to holds with Clift, we recommend using one, consistent color and an increased number of holds (∼10 or more/ m²). Why? Because more holds mean bigger diversity in terms of both route-setting and challenges.


Infinite routing options

No two gyms or walls are the same. With Clift, you can upgrade your gym the way you choose. Whether it’s a top-rope, lead, boulder, or spray wall, Clift adapts flexibly to your needs. 


Your routes, in minutes

Digital routesetting lets you design new routes or introduce training programs for beginner, advanced or professional level climbers – without the need for physical rebuilds.


Routesetters’ tip

Clift allows you to set new routes digitally, either by climbing or using the Console’s touchscreen.


Motivate your climbers

Build a community and use the power of motivation to increase the satisfaction and loyalty of your climbers. Clift is also a perfect solution to reach your climbers outside the gym, by sending them „breaking news” notifications about fresh routes and challenges.

Digital and offline challenges 

Challenges can take place at chosen Clift locations and span over a couple of days, week, or even a month. Challenges drive climbers' motivation and raise brand awareness.

The Clift Climber app makes it very easy for your climbers to share personal climbing experiences with their friends, with just a few taps. And sharing does matter! Especially when it comes to building reputation and getting more and more people to learn about the services and offers your gym provides.

Routesetters’ Tip

Posting digital challenges has never been easier.