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Digitization means converting analog signals and processes into numbers.

Numbers can be organized and evaluated according to different aspects. Recognizing repeating patterns helps to highlight the essence in both sports and business. The essence forms the basis of development.


We believe in achieving results through practice, endurance, and commitment.


To cultivate this commitment, we offer a range of diverse climbing routes and continually share the latest and greatest training methods through new experiences.



We strive to fuel motivation and a competitive spirit by recording individual achievements and encouraging healthy competition to help everyone reach their full potential.


Clift is based on research, it's part of our DNA. In our tight Release Plan, many of our own ideas await implementation, as well as useful new feature tips & ideas from our enthusiastic partners.

We also live for Track & Improve. It keeps getting better. R&D is carried out in cooperation with university sport sciences research labs in Hungary, Germany and France. Its main directions are the research and measurement of the dynamics of climbing movements in order to support the training of climbers, and improving the business usefulness of our product, strengthening the efficient operation of the gyms.

Hardware development takes place in Budapest, in the EU, software development takes place internationally, and assembly in Hungary.


The idea of Clift was born in 2018 when Clift's co-founder Andras started climbing and became an enthusiast of the sport.

Andras experienced that many climbing gyms fall behind in rebuilding their routes. Even when they do so, labels and other hold highlighting methods are usually hard to understand for climbers. Not to mention that rebuilding a wall section requires a professional routesetter team. Plus wall downtime costs a fortune for gyms.

These problems led him to the innovation of Clift, an interactive system for indoor climbing gyms. The upgrade works well with all types of climbing walls and solves the problems related to the renewal of walls.

It may seem relevant today how the system should work, but it was not the case until 2019. Following up several interviews, testing, and ideations the MVP of Clift was introduced to the public in January of 2020 at the ISPO exhibition.

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