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TUM Campus, located at the Olympic Park is an absolute eye-catcher. The new site offers high diversity in climbing experiences, ranging from short to high, from vertical to a pronounced competition hang. Meanwhile, the creative and modern route construction creates a broad array of requirements and is able to meet and handle diverse expectations.

In numbers, there are 25 prefabricated grip and foothold options per square metre, adding up to about 14,250 possibilities to explore in total – at the moment. But a great amount of new grips and footholds are still to be installed very soon, by the route construction team. The additional set will cover approximately 5,000 new grips on the climbing towers, and another 400 at the bouldering facility.

Furthermore, to climb high in this facility is also an extremely rewarding experience. If the proper height is reached, climbers are able to grasp a mad view of other competition overhangs from outside the site, such as the Kusocinski dam.



Monday to Saturday: Access only with booked courses
Sunday: Closed

*More info for planning a visit:

Connollystraße 32, 80809 München, Germany

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