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We have partnered with visionaries who, in addition to high-quality walls, holds and routes, wished to give climbers something exciting and innovative.

After launching the first Clift location in France, in Bloc en Stock Strasbourg with a bouldering wall, we are happy to announce that two other installations are following.

Clift Au Perchoir with a boulder and Clift Rouen University Gym with a lead location are going to be available for climbers by November.

At Clift Rouen University we will collaborate with university professors to gather relevant data and research climbing-related metrics. The goal of the research is to help both climbers and trainers to gain new insights into the performance metrics of athletes.

Nonetheless, we are also proud to announce that all the Clift locations are running the latest CliftOS software update, which takes the Clift experience to the next level.

The software update includes new design and software features, such as routes digitally built with the special holds option, where route setters can set normal, start, finish and foot-only hold.

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November 17, 2022

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