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Arl.Park is a distinctive sports and recreational destination situated in St. Anton am Arlberg, Austria, co-owned by Andy Gohl, a professional skier. To offer climbers exciting challenges and routes throughout the year, Andy and the Arl.Park team decided to install Clift on their auto-belay wall.

"Clift Challenges give us the chance to connect with a broad range of people."

In the spring of 2022, Arl.Park implemented a Clift Interactive Wall system on their 12m climbing wall, with an auto-belay. In terms of routesetting, the system assisted the gym and its climbers by providing more possibilities in a reduced space. Digital routes can be configured within seconds, eliminating the need for physical rebuilds. This offers a comprehensive selection of routes for diverse auto-belay training needs.

Besides the benefits in routesetting, Clift Challenges give them the opportunity to engage a wide spectrum of people, as challenges can be set to be both achievable and still demanding for everyone. The response from climbers has been highly positive, and the team has received great feedback regarding the variety and enjoyment derived from the challenges.

"With Clift, the potential exists to create challenges that motivate both novices and expert climbers. For example, a distance challenge presents a straightforward way to challenge climbers of all kinds. Climbers can view the names of all participants on the leaderboard, and it's common to observe them competing for every meter. Overall, Clift Challenges have proven to be an excellent approach to enhancing our climbers' motivation and attracting new visitors to our gym."



August 15, 2023

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