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Our latest software update enables the brand new Kids mode, revamped routsetting, quick scroll between routes, liked routes and so much more.

Kids Mode

With a touch of a button kids can launch Kids mode directly from the Welcome screen.

To make a route available in Kids mode, simply turn on “Kids” while setting a route. Set a difficulty between 4a-4c+ and save the route.

Revamped Routesetting

Setting special holds like Start, Foot or Finish are much easier thanks to the resized and repositioned buttons. For the first time ever you can use your finger to drag the picture of the wall. The arrow buttons are still here, you can use them for more precise or incremental movements.

Route Quick Scrolling

Use the left or right arrow to scroll from one route to the next. Or by simple swiping anywhere on the screen.

Revamped Route Lights The new update changes how the LED's work while climbing the route. Touching a hold will change its color, but while letting it go it goes back to its original form, for less confusion. This also helps with the better visibility of footholds while climbing. After using the footholds they will turn back to their original yellow color.

Liked Routes The simplest way to collect your favourite routes is by liking them. A new archive called "Liked Routes" will show up, and with one tap you can easily enjoy the routes you love there.

Route Progress Indicator

Whenever you start a new route, the top left corner will have indicators dedicated to your progress. If you have topped the route, a blue checkmark will show up, that is the indicator of the "Finished" stage, next to the selected route.



September 22, 2023

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