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The latest version of CliftOS v3.3 has recently been released, offering climbers a range of new and useful features.

Notably, the introduction of a new function now lets climbers to mirror routes, which makes sense for all symmetric layout walls. This useful feature allows the routes curated by local setters to be mirrored on walls, thereby enabling both left and right body sides to be trained equally. With a simple tap of a button, climbers can now achieve a perfect mirrored route set up, making for an even more efficient and effective climbing experience.

Moreover, a modified version of the way filter grades are shown has also been introduced.

Known as dynamic filters, this updated format displays all grades separately while only rendering visible those grades which appear in actual available routes. This feature provides climbers with a clearer idea of which routes are available at their chosen difficulty level.

Another exciting new feature is the visible tagging of routes with special hold types. With this addition, every route that has special hold types will now be shown in the route preview, making it easier for climbers to track their progress and work towards their specific climbing goals.

In addition, CliftOS now offers a new guest mode with fewer limitations, meaning that all routes are now available to unregistered climbers, with only the metrics blurred, featured only for registered users. These updates provide greater accessibility and an even more user-friendly platform for climbers of all levels, making it easier than ever to achieve their climbing goals.

Thanks to the new v3.3 update, gyms providing auto-belay options are now taking extra steps to ensure their climbers' safety. Alongside a static pop-up that reminds the climbers of the safety measures, there is also a a video pop-up available. This video serves as an additional safety measure, successfully educating climbers on what necessary steps they need to take to ensure a safer climbing experience, using auto-belay.

Overall, the latest version of CliftOS v3.3 offers a range of new and exciting features that enhance the climbing experience for climbers of all levels. From the mirrored route option to dynamic filters and visible tagging of special hold types, these updates provide greater accessibility, safety, and a more user-friendly platform. With the addition of the guest mode and the auto-belay safety video pop-up, CliftOS is leading the way in creating a safer, more inclusive, and engaging climbing community.

Whether you're a seasoned climber or just starting out, CliftOS v3.3 is sure to take your climbing experience to new heights. So what are you waiting for? Find a nearest gym with Clift today and experience the thrill of climbing like never before!



March 26, 2023

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