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Our latest software update introduces the highly anticipated routesetting feature for all climbers. Starting today, every registered climber can enjoy the freedom to set unlimited routes and share them with the entire community.

How to set your own routes?

Login with your Clift Card and tap on the "My Routes" tile on the home screen. In case you are new to Clift no worries, download the free Clift Climber app for iOS or Android, register your profile or ask for a free Clift Card at your gym’s reception.

While in "My Routes" you'll find the option to create a new route in the top right corner. Once you start the process, a picture of the updated Clift wall will appear, allowing you to use the screen for selecting holds to design your new route. If you prefer to create the route as you go while climbing on the wall, you have two options. You can double-tap on the holds you want to include in your route, or you can use the Grip and Hold function. There are four types of holds available: start, normal, feet, and finish. Each hold type is represented by a different color for easy identification and simplicity.

When this process is done, you are able to name it, set a grade for it, and the route will show up in “My Routes”. The choice of whether to share it with the community or keep it private is entirely up to you!

Any route created by an individual will show up on the Clift Console. The creation of coaches and setters can be found in the “Verified” folder, and everything else will be seen in the “Community” folder.

An upcoming feature will allow climbers to like routes, and favorite routes will appear on the home page in a new liked folder, ready for sending!



August 7, 2023

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