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In life, unexpected and wonderful things can occur. Life itself is a brilliant designer and an experimenter, constantly producing remarkable outcomes.

Grenoble, France, an exciting event unfolded at a newly opened bouldering gym. The Clift team successfully reinstalled a Clift Interactive Wall from a 35-degree spray training wall to a slab wall located in the gym's kids area. The team was well aware of the system's flexibility, making the relocation process effortless. However, what we didn't anticipate was the tremendous enthusiasm from children who arrived with their parents and eagerly climbed on the same wall.

It is truly heartwarming to witness not only children showcasing their climbing skills but also the genuine excitement that arises when they take turns climbing together on the very same wall. In this unique setting, parents become teachers, and children become eager learners. They exchange climbing techniques and share betas, creating a truly remarkable experience of Family Climbing.

And the best part? It all happens on the same wall! One after another, but always together throughout the entire climbing experience!

The discovery, and the smiles of delight, were the result of chance. We were aware that the remarkable features of Clift Interactive Walls, such as Interactive Routes, Freestyle, and Treasure Hunting, Sprint game modes, would captivate and entertain kids while providing valuable learning experiences through play. We know that climbing is a social activity, many climbers often come in pairs and groups, enjoying the shared experience of climbing together. However, until now, there were restrictions in place, preventing children from accessing the adult area and vice versa. This led to parental concerns and a sense of unease: "What is my child doing while I am climbing? Is it safe?"

Unified climbing: routes for Kids and advanced climbers on the same wall

Now that children have the opportunity to climb together on their own dedicated wall, it has opened up a whole new dimension of fun and experience. Children are naturally drawn to activities that mimic grown-up experiences, and here, they get to have it! Thanks to the Clift Interactive Wall's Digital Route List, we can offer an adult route for the parents and a child-friendly route or game for the young climbers, tailored to their abilities. And the best part? It all happens on the same wall! One after another, but always together throughout the entire climbing experience!

From the first footsteps to advanced crux techniques - Clift experience for all ages and skill levels

Where it all leads, we shall see! Could it be to new membership models? After gym, to wall memberships? Time-based usage, like bowling clubs? We don't know yet... Surely new interesting discoveries will be made, giving rise to fresh topics and innovative solutions.

At Clift we are dedicated to providing gyms with a diverse range of climbing options, exciting challenges, and tangible results that climbers take with them beyond the gym walls! Shared moments of joy, and newfound motivation!



May 19, 2023

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