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The climbing and bouldering facilities at the TUM Campus in the Olympic Park, Munich include both indoor and outdoor areas. Julius Kerscher is responsible for routesetting, and he has been a trainer for alpine climbing and routesetting practice on artificial walls for over 10 years. He is also a qualified inspector according to the EN-12572 standard and a trainer for safety in routesetting at the PETZL Technical Institute. Clift Interactive Walls have been installed in three different sections of the gym, with two auto-belay lines and an adjustable training wall.

"Clift allows my team to quickly create a multitude of routes on our spraywall without the need for further assembly after installation."

With the help of three independent Clift walls, Julius and the routesetting team can easily provide climbers with a variety of route options. The Clift systems, in combination with locally selected holds, have made it possible to specialize the walls.

One auto-belay line accommodates routes from 4a up to 5c+, while the other auto-belay line offers difficulties ranging from 5b to 7b+. Additionally, the adjustable wall is set up for mixed boulder training. The routesetting team achieved this without the need for physical rebuilds or wall resets.

“Clift enables us to optimize the route offerings for our auto-belay usage by leveraging the combinatorial power of our spray wall setting. This approach caters to climbers of all levels, from entry to advanced, accommodating individuals of varying heights. This results in a significantly larger number of LED-defined routes compared to what could be achieved using colored holds alone.”



August 15, 2023

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