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Sanctuary Climbing & Fitness - Michael Bascou US

Sanctuary Climbing & Fitness in Seaside, California, owner Michael Bascou had been searching for an LED system on the market for years until he discovered Clift and installed it on a unique boulder spray section of his gym.

“I was dreaming of a lighted concept to use on any wall with existing holds, kind of like tape. I searched the web and found your solution and was immediately a believer as you had been doing it for a few years already. The sensors are what really sold me, I was just thinking about lights.”

Michael, along with his skilled routesetting team, transformed the spray wall using top-notch holds, wood holds, macros, and volumes. Despite incorporating these elements, they managed to maintain a clean and minimalistic layout. With the help of the highly sensitive touch sensors within the system, has turned the task of setting new boulders into an enjoyable experience for the entire team.

“We have been using the system for a month and all is well. The climbers are having a blast! As the head setter, I am constantly in motion with a wrench, handholds, and ladder, but setting on the Clift is more of a climbing session and I can easily double or triple my route output and not turn a single wrench.”

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