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Every climber has a story! At Clift we are fond of unique journeys of climbers. This month we interviewed an enthusiastic athlete, Zsolt Gönczöl from Budapest and spoke with him about his relationship with the sport and Clift.

How long have you been climbing?

I've been climbing for a year and a half. I started climbing on a rock, then when the weather got bad I started going to the gym.

What is your preferred type of climbing?

I am most attracted by natural formations and the greatness of nature. An artificial hold can never feel like granite or even local limestone. I mostly climb with ropes, but sometimes bouldering can be a great experience, it has its atmosphere. Indoor climbing is a great alternative to the rock when you just drop by for a quick practice or it’s not an outdoor season.

How long have you been using Clift?

I came across Clift about a year ago when I started climbing in the gym.

"The thing I like most about Clift is that I can track my climbing performance."

What was your first impression of Clift?

I was surprised to find out that there is such a thing as a digitalized climbing system.

I found it creative and innovative that you can build a route digitally and not only from different shaped and colored holds. I thought it was great!

How does the Clift give you more than a normal wall?

What makes this wall more beneficial is that I can see statistics about how much I climbed. Also, it's responsive in a way that I can see all the holds that I touched, or that I have more route options at a small section of the wall than a normal wall would have.

" I think the excitement a beginner climber has about not only climbing but also the wall being extra with LEDs, sensors..."

What advice would you give to beginner climbers?

Firstly, if you are motivated enough it can be worth practicing the basic moves and techniques, also foot placement is one of the most important aspects of climbing. Secondly, I see a lot of people stuck on the wall because they don't pay attention to their moves, and don't think ahead. Altogether, once you have the basics about right, there is no stopping. If you climb a grade just fine you have to leave it there and move up to practicing another.

Do you think Clift could be useful for beginners?

Yes! I think the excitement a beginner climber has about not only climbing but also the wall being extra with LEDs, sensors, and other additional possibilities can be even more motivating.



November 24, 2022

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