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If you want to try Clift then go to the gym of BME Budapest where you can have the next level experience in not even one but two Clift walls. Students love using them as they are fun, plus they make climbing more exciting and provide the opportunity to compete with others.

We asked an enthusiastic climber, Andras about his experiences in the Clift walls.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. How long have you been climbing and how has this been your passion?

I’ve been in climbing gyms before and I’ve been on a rocks a few times, but I really just started climbing on the campus.

I used to play competitive sports, but I stopped because it took a lot of time, but then I started to miss it and that’s when I found the sport climbing.

Last summer, one of my friends invited me to try rock climbing in the Little Swabian Mountain.

I really liked that experience and this passion has remained ever since.

Do you climb in gyms and outdoor as well?

Well, rocks and mountains have their own atmosphere, but it's rare when more of us have enough time to go out together when the weather is also good for climbing); so I'm basically climbing in gyms. We'll go to climbing gyms together as well if we can.

What kind of indoor wall is your favorite and why?

I basically love the walls that are exciting. Well, it’s subjective, but I’m thinking of walls not only improve your strength but also make you think of the next steps that are not necessarily obvious.

Let’s just say it’s also exciting if you need to take a step to the side, a flag or some crux.

How long have you been using Clift?

Ever since it exists! But jokes aside, from being told that Clift is in the gym and we can win with it, I thought I’d try it.

I love it from the first day so I’ve been using it ever since.

What do you like the most about it?

First of all, the variety. In the gym where I climb, I’ve already climbed all the routes. It quickly got boring for me. With Clift I still have the opportunity to climb new routes, like every day.

As an engineering student, I as already wondering what other options were still available in a climbing wall and then it turned out that someone had already developed a system to level up the climbing experience.

How many routes have you set so far?

Last week I had the opportunity to set roughly 10 routes, but of course quality over quantity.

Why would you recommend others to try and use Clift walls?

I would recommend Clift everyone because it gives the same climbing experience but much more better!

New routes, new challenges and you can collect points and compete with others. I see huge a potential in it.


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