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As the autumn season approaches, gyms are getting fully packed with climbers and visitors. We have talked with Julius Kerscher and asked how he prepares for the gym season.

Julius, can you describe your professional background and connection with the sport?

I am a fellow climber in the growing and diverse community enjoying verticality. My background: Trainer for alpine climbing, routesetting practice on artificial walls for 10+ years, qualified person for inspection according to EN-12572-standard, trainer for safety in routesetting for the PETZL Technical Institute and since 2022 member of the national alpine association team for routesetting training (DAV Ausbildung Routenbau Breitensport). Currently, I am leading the team of routesetters at the new climbing site of Technical University Munich / Zentraler Hochschulsport München with more than 1300m^2 climbing and 400m^2 bouldering surface. I also like to set for various other gyms in our diverse routesetting landscape, mainly the big DAV lead and boulder gyms around Munich.

"Clift allows my team to create a very fast multitude of routes on our spraywall - once installed without further assembly"

What is your favorite Clift feature?

My favorite Clift hardware feature is the immediate feedback for the climber via the capacitive sensors; my most appreciated overall Clift package aspect is the open minded style of collaboration and partnership with the Clift team.

How does Clift help you in the daily routesetting tasks?

Clift allows for our auto-belay use case to optimize the route offering through combinatorial power on our spray wall setting - from entry to advanced level, from small to tall, all climbers topping on the same line on way more LED-defined-routes than one could set by colored holds.

Julius Kerscher setting a new route with Clift by climbing on TUM's training spray wall

How do you help prepare the gyms for the indoor season?

Creating new routes - or, extending the traditional assembly process of routesetting, new challenges. The community always appreciates new challenges.

How can the Clift walls help you with this preparation process?

Clift allows my team to create a very fast multitude of routes on our spray wall - once installed without further assembly, just definition through climb & record. This opens setting routes also to a broader staff basis.



October 11, 2022

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