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Finding business enhancing solutions can be a challenge for any company, but at Clift, we're dedicated to solving this problem with our latest innovation: Clift Track. Track is a sensor-based system that is the perfect addition to your gym management and routesetting tools, helping you unlock the fullest potential of your chain. With Clift Track, you can streamline your operations and optimize efficiency like never before.

Clift Track provides improvement in various areas for managing your chain of locations. Here are the top three ways Clift Track can help to optimize your operations:

1. Gym metrics - Oversee routesetting across locations

With Clift Track, you get real-time data on every route without needing input from the climbers themselves. This means that your routesetter and headsetter can easily see how each route is performing across all gyms. For example, if a V7 (7a+, 5.12a) route is being climbed a hundred times a day, your leadership can decide to replicate that route in your other gyms. Chances are, it will be just as successful.

Cift Track dashboard
Cift Track dashboard

Additionally, Clift Track's tracking system allows routesetters to identify the most popular routes and those that may need updating or replacement. Routes that are performing well can remain up for longer periods, while data updates will reveal when a route is no longer popular enough and needs to be removed.

2. Improve profitability

Metrics not only help the routesetter team, but Clift Track also provides important information to the more business focused. You can follow every member’s activity, the most and least used hours/days. Every set route’s lifetime is updated which shows management when something has to be cleaned, or re-set.

We can monitor how well each location is performing, identifying areas where revenue may be lagging, or where certain routes or facilities may be underutilized. This data can help the gym chain make informed decisions about how to allocate resources and improve overall performance.

By keeping climbers engaged and motivated, Clift Track helps ensure they keep coming back to the gym.

How to allocate resources and improve overall performance

3. Chain level member retention and community growth

Keeping members engaged and retaining their membership is crucial for any climbing gym, and Clift Track can help achieve this goal. With our system, gym chains can easily monitor member attendance and activity levels. This enables gyms to identify members who may be at risk of canceling their membership and reach out to them with personalized incentives to encourage their continued participation.

Moreover, by staying up-to-date with the latest trends and tracking climbers' daily activities, Clift Track can help gyms target and access different skill groups. This allows for more targeted marketing and promotions that are tailored to specific climbers' interests and needs. By keeping members engaged and motivated with personalized content and promotions, Clift Track helps ensure they keep coming back for more.

With Clift Track, monthly challenges can be easily set up across your gyms. Climbers can use the Clift Climber Pro app to track their progress and compete on the leaderboard.

The multi-gym view that Clift Track offers is a valuable asset that enables you to implement successful strategies from one location to another, or to improve the performance of a less successful one. By leveraging Clift Track's data-driven insights, you can make informed decisions and optimize your operations. Overall, Clift Track is a powerful tool for climbing gym chains looking to enhance their operations, drive revenue, and boost profitability.

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April 24, 2023

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