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Two events in Grenoble and Friedrichshafen. Where gym owners, setters, trainers, and climbers could try Clift and the latest products of EP in person.

At the Vertical Pro fair in Friedrichshafen, participants filled the workshop room and learned more about the future of routesetting and inclusivity from Julius Kerscher, Head of Routesetting Central University Sports Munich, Technical University Munich.

In his presentation, Julius highlighted to setters and gym owners how the three different Clift systems are used by beginners and intermediate climbers alike. Besides these regular use cases, as recognized by Julius, Clift is the best tool for inclusive climbing and routesetting.

With the help of the Clift Sensors, Julius and his team are capable of involving climbers with disabilities in the process of setting routes. Each movement is registered and saved, which not only makes the process fun and easy but also motivates disabled climbers to enjoy climbing in a brand-new way.

Combined with cutting-edge measurement sensors, Clift upgrades walls and helps in the development of climbers of all skill-levels and backgrounds.

Both events were memorable and it was great to get our community together to talk about all things climbing and the different use cases of Clift. On-wall games and digital challenges boost climbers' motivation and in the end, help the climbing community to grow.

At the Salon de L’Escalade in Grenoble, we announced the details of a special partnership with EP. EP’s partnership with Clift is built upon the shared vision to make climbing inclusive and available to everyone. By combining technology, design, and cutting-edge climbing infrastructure, both companies are setting a new precedent and actively seeking to provide climbers and gym owners with the latest technology available and accelerate the innovation of the sport.

Clift specializes in LED and sensor-powered digital content that can be installed quickly and easily on all wall types, including bouldering, lead, or auto-belay, and can use any holds or volumes.


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November 28, 2022

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