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Two climbing walls were upgraded with Clift in Hungary's leading technology university's Sport Center. More than 20.000 students get the opportunity to try Clift experience.

Clift Climbing retrofitted 200 holds on two wall sections of the BME Sport Center’s climbing gym in October of 2020. Since its launch, both gym operators and climbers love using Clift. Based on our survey 93,5% of them would love to share the Clift experience with their friends.

From monthly gym renewals to new routes every day

Updates by Clift let the gym’s routesetters set new routes every day.

As one of the routesetters has told us in an interview, by the nature of the gym, operators did not have the time and resources to rebuild the routes as regularly as they would like to.

“Based on our survey 93,5% of climbers would love to share the Clift experience with their friends.”

Before Clift, this meant that the walls only got renewed every three or even four months. This resulted in bored and under-motivated climbers.

Fun for climbers, useful data for researchers

As part of a collaboration between the university’s Department of Physical Education, Recreation Working Group, Clift has started a research program led by Zsolt Bartha, Deputy Director.

As told by Zsolt, Clift plays a huge role in innovating climbing both in athletic and recreational fields. Anonymously collected data helps to reveal the long and short-term benefits of indoor climbing.

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