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An unusual event in the world of climbing was held in Miskolc in March 2022, which is not common in Hungary - this is a Drytooling Competition. We went there to see it through our eyes and I can say that the atmosphere was very good, many people attended the event and everyone was having a great time. We managed to interview one of the participants of the competition (and also an organizer of this event), Ernő Seregi, U19 European Ice Climbing Champion.

1. How was the DryTooling Competition? Did you feel good?

As an organizer, the first part of the day went uneasy as there were quite a few questions about the competition. However, these fears dissipated pretty quickly after we saw that things were going pretty good, by then it was quite enjoyable to watch what we had created. Overall, I had a very positive experience.

2. The Clift Wall attracted a huge amount of interest - How did you like the system and how could you take advantage of Clift?

The Clift system made our routesetting job so easy. We worked with relatively few holds, so the number of routes was limited. However, Clift allowed us to create a large number of quality routes from very few holds. It is also very easy to handle. We “build” the routes from the ground, the lines could be used after testing.

3. What did you like the most about it that would make you use it regularly?

Its usability is simple, spectacular and versatile. With quite a bit of experience, I think there are a lot more options in it than the owners can imagine. It would be interesting to see how the system works with smaller holds, harder routes, both in drytooling and sport climbing.

4. How would you use Clift in other events, in what ways?

The biggest positive of the system is that it is very inviting for beginners and kids. Although climbing is becoming less and less popular today, it would be a huge step forward if the sport could attract more young and talented people through this tool.

What gives me the greatness of it is when it is equipped with an auto-belay system. If you don’t have a climbing partner, you can still do a workout in a very fun way.

5. In addition to events, would you use Clift in everyday life? If so, what type of wall would you imagine it to be the best?

The only limitation of the system is that when they use with the self-insurance devices I recommended, it only works on a vertical or near-vertical wall section. But maybe that's not a problem. This is the most gentle way for beginners and is an excellent tool for advanced learners to master good technique. It could even fit some parts of the wall specifically for this - with small holds (not just climbing by hand), small, good and bad steps in order to really understand how the climbing shoe works and what it’s good for.

Seregi Ernő Róbert


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