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Management Software

Gain an oversight of your Clift walls operations, edit and set your routes on the fly.


Clift Admin Dashboard

Our wall management platform assists you in optimizing and monitoring your Clift walls, strengthening your climbers’ engagement and maximizing your walls’ utilization. The cloud-based dashboard can be accessed conveniently, on multiple devices.

Clift_Admin_laptop copy.jpg

Insights and metrics

Tracked data is truly beneficial – not only for you, but for your climbers too. These kinds of metrics enable climbers to track their own progress and as such, they help deepen commitment by providing real-time metrics, points, and challenges; ultimately pushing Climbers to continuously outdo themselves and evolve, in order to appear in the leaderboard. Furthermore, data driven operation also cuts on the gym’s operation costs.

Set your own routes

Thanks to the sensors’ built-in magnets, your routesetters are able to rebuild walls easily and set new routes or boulders digitally – in just a few, short minutes. 

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