System for Gyms

Clift combines the tactility of climbing with the precision of technology, to help you make the most of your climbing walls.

Clift Console

The heart and soul of a Clift-equipped wall, designed to facilitate Climber interaction with upgraded walls, thanks to its built-in, sturdy, 10.1” touchscreen.

Available in two colors:

Clift Sensors

When fitted behind a hold, Clift Sensors track every grip and step with a 1/10 of a second refresh frequency, meanwhile their built-in, high-power LEDs ensure crystal clear visibility on chosen routes, even in bright sunlight.

Clift-hold-02-bright copy-min.jpg
Clift System 01.26394-min.png

Clift Controller and
Sensor Hubs

The Clift Controller is meant to drive only one specific Console, but by doing so, it also powers all sensors connected to it. Each controller has a built-in power supply and works both with EU and US standards. Each sensor is connected to a Sensor Hub, and one Hub can operate multiple, even up to 15 sensors. Hubs are daisy-chained to each other with custom braided cables.

Configure for Your Own Walls

Make your own configurations of Clift Consoles and Clift Sensors with the combination of our bundles.

Clift Console Bundle

The foundational building block of a Clift system. Each bundle contains our custom-designed Console with the latest version of CliftOS, already installed on it.

What's included


Clift Sensors Bundle

Includes 15 additional sensors with all the necessary accessories needed for the installation.

What's included


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