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At Clift our goal is to bring climbers a great variety of activities and experiences on our upgraded walls. With the latest CliftOS software update we are launching the feature, special hold colors as part of a new layer of customization in routesetting.

Special holds are available in the routesetting mode and they can be part of any route.

If you use an "analogue" climbing wall, the routes are marked with uniformly coloured holds and the difficulty levels with a note at the start hold. However special holds, such as start; foot-only and finish, are also marked with notes, but only at the holds which it applies to.

Boulder routes with different tags, Source : Thirst Colorado

Clift digitalises the use of special holds just like routesetting. When setting a new route, routesetters can add the holds by either double tapping, long tapping (3 sec) or selecting them on the screen. By repeating these movements one the designated hold, you can reverse the selection, i.e. remove holds.

In the special holds mode these console an wall actions work as well, but you can define your holds as normal, start, foot-only and finish.

How to Use this Feature

Normal holds are set as default in the routesetting mode. If wanting to define a hold as start; finish or foot only, the filter needs to be changed according to the desired result.

By selecting a filter, then tapping on a hold's placement on the display or double tapping it on the wall, the hold will be added to the digital route with the filter selection's definition.

One can also override holds if they are already defined. By selecting a new filter and double tapping the hold or selecting it's placement on the display, the previously set definition will be overridden.

Tap on a hold that is part of the route to deselect it. However if the filter selection does not match the hold's definition, one tap will override it first, if tapped again, the hold will be deselected.


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