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Introducing our latest location in Austria, where Clift was installed at Arl.park, St. Anton. Let's take a closer look.

A Great Gym in a Dreamy Place

Arl.park is located in the heart of the skiing resort town of St. Anton am Arlberg.

This place is a real ski paradise and

the landscape is amazing, we loved being there.

Arl.park has a variety of activities to offer; trampoline, bowling, squash, tennis and indoor & outdoor climbing areas. You can find here a bar and a really good restaurant as well. It's on the first floor of the building and it has a special design because you can watch the climbers throughout the glass walls while having lunch or a great coffee.

Clift is here!

Clift takes the climbing experience to a new level by bringing intelligence to climbing walls. Arl.park’s Clift wall, combined with an auto-belay is a must-try for training and fun.

The associated Clift Climber App allows climbers to analyze, compare and share their auto-measured performance with the community. So it's a complex system to help you improve, challenge you, and allow you to be part of a great community.

Arl.park Ocún Distance Challenge

Clift Challenges are virtual competitions, available for gym visitors through the iOS and Android Clift Climber app.

Level up your climbing skills and win great Ocún rewards.

Collect 200 meters on the Clift Arl.park walls between May 23 and June 12.

How can climbers participate?

Joining a Clift Challenge is easy and open to everyone.

To join a challenge you need to have a free Clift profile and the latest version of the Clift Climber App, downloaded to your iOS or Android device.

How to join a Clift Challenge

Download or open the free Clift Climber app.

Register a new profile or log in with your existing Clift profile.

Select the Challenges tab ⭐️.

Select the challenge you want to join from the “Join a Challenge” list.

Tap the "Join Challenge" button.

Awards for the top 3 climbers

1st - One pair of Ocún climbing shoes - any model any size - chosen by the winner

2nd - One Neon Ocún harness

3rd - One Habu Ocún belay and rappel device

+ Plus

3 random winners will be selected from the climbers who reach the challenge goal.

They'll win Condor HMS Screw Ocún carabiner + Lucky Ocún chalk bag.


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